Strategic Plan

2015 — 2020

The strategic plan is a tool that provides staff guidance in fulfilling ComServ Inc's mission with efficiency and impact.  Listed below are 5 strategic goals developed for 2015-2020 A comprehensive copy of the plan outlining the goals, objectives and strategies can be obtained by calling 828-757-0209.

1. Marketing and Communiation

  • To Create trust and positive relationships by sharing relevant and valuble information that attract, educate, motivate and inspire our participants, staff and supporters

2. Information and Technology

  • Utilize information/data management to enhance decision making and service delivery

3. Human Resources and Staff Develoment

  • To improve HR Department's effectiveness by support of motivated and healthy workforce and through greater accountiblity, performance measurement and focus on customer service.

4. Resource and Fund Development

  • Strengthen the economic sustainablity of ComServ Inc.
  • Enhance the economic sustainablity of ComServ Inc. through fundraising and grants

5. Service Enhancement, Planning and Development

  • To provide an array of IDD services that are comprehensive, evidence based and coordinated care models of service delivery.