ComServ's governance starts with our board of directors. The Board’s role and legal obligation is to oversee the administration (management) of ComServ and to ensure that the mission of the company is successfully fulfilled. Responsibilities of ComServ's board members are to: monitor events and processes, provide guidance, and to assist the management team throughout the implementation of best practice methodologies. The Board possesses decision-making powers regarding matters of policy, organizational direction, overall strategy and governance for the organization as a whole.

Each board member brings to the table a myriad of talents and abilities based upon many years of industry experience and true passion for the individuals we proudly serve. Both, individually and collectively, the Board of Directors uses these critical attributes to help ComServ, Inc. remain financially solvent and clinically fruitful. ComServ considers itself very fortunate to call the following individuals our board members:

Patricia Ward, President

Amparo Alfaro, Vice President

Beatrice Tullis, Secretary

Dawn Kelley, Ex-Officio

Jerry Reynolds

David Martin

Olga Propst