At ComServ, the health & safety of those we serve, our employees, & others who may visit any of our programs & facilities is our top priority.  We are committed to maintaining a healthy, safe, & clean environment that promotes quality services & minimizes risk of harm by adhering to the following principles:


  • Assessment.  Regularly assessing the workplace for any hazards to minimize risks to health & safety.
  • Maintenance.  Maintaining, upgrading equipment & facilities to meet safety standards & prevent accidents.
  • Preparedness.  Developing & communicating clear emergency procedures for handling various emergencies & evacuations when situation warrants.
  • Training/Education. Providing employees with the training necessary to ensure their awareness of potential hazards & that they have the knowledge to perform tasks safely.
  • Compliance.  Complying with all relevant health & safety regulations & continually improving.
  • Responsibility. Recognizing that it is the responsibility of every employee to be safe & to report any concerns immediately!
  • Health Promotion.  Encouraging & promoting physical & mental well-being of all employees as well as  those we serve & their families.