Available in Caldwell, Burke, Catawba, Alexander, McDowell, Lincoln, Gaston and Cleveland counties.

Through Innovations (Medicaid) funding ComServ, Inc. has the skills and resources to provide a break for caregivers to take time to rest and recharge from the day to day commitments of supporting a person with a disability and often the whole family. Rrespite services provides the family/ caregiver and a person with a disability with a planned, short-term, time-limited break from their usual caring role.  It is a service that also ensures the person who is supported by the Innovations Waiver has an enjoyable break doing activities of their choosing.  Respite 's goal is to provide a positive experience for both the caregiver and the person with a disability. The service is  provided to children over the age of three and adults.

Goals of Respite services are:

  • Reduce stress and help maintain family relations

  • Assist and strengthen the family as a unit

  • Contribute to good physical and emotional health and allow families to successfully continue caring for their children or adult family member at home

  • Provide families time to rest, relax, and recreat

  • Help families through periods of crisis and adjustment

  • Help improve long-term family stability and reduce the need for out-of-home placements or lessens the need for long-term residential services

For more information contact:

Gastonia Office
TTY – 980-320-1757

Morganton Office
TTY – 828-430-7194

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