As CEO of ComServ, I want to publicly and formally acknowledge the pain that our country is currently experiencing; not only because of COVID-19 and the disparities that come with it, but also because of the senseless loss of lives that have occurred.

Most recently, we grieve for George Floyd, but also for the others who have died due to systemic racism at the hands of those who abuse their power.  From the pain of today, we hope that we can grow, and have forward progress once and for all to make this country better for people of all races, and for our generations to come. ComServ wishes to support and promote positive social changes within our walls, as well as with the families and communities we serve.

We stand strong and united against discrimination of any kind.  It will not be tolerated within our organization, or in any group or organization in which we interact.  ComServ stands with all people and we are here to listen. And as always, if there are any acts of intolerance within our organization, it will be dealt with immediately.

In our field of caring and supporting others, we are taught from day one that all people are equal, and we are encouraged to celebrate our differences.  I wish others could see what I see daily – people taking care of people with dignity and respect regardless of race, gender, or ability.  I pray that these values that I see in you, the human race, can be the values of all. You help to make this world a better place. 

Thank you.

Dawn Kelley