The goal of Tailored Care Management is to improve the health of North Carolinians through a coordinated system of care, which addresses both medical and non-medical components of health.

You now have someone to call to assist you with getting connected to available resources!

The overall goal of the Tailored Care Management model is improved health outcomes for I/DD Tailored Plan members. ComServ, Inc. Tailored Care Management services shall provide:

  • Broad access to care management.
  • Single care manager taking an integrated, whole-person approach. To the maximum extent possible, each I/DD Tailored Plan member will receive integrated, whole- person care management from a single care manager with expertise and training in addressing behavioral health, I/DD, and/or TBI needs in addition to physical health needs and unmet health-related resource needs.
  • Person and family-centered planning. Care planning for I/DD Tailored Plan members will be personcentered and will consider the unique needs of the member. Family members and other informal caregivers can also serve as part of the member’s care team, with the member’s consent.

Who qualifies for Tailored Care Management?

Tailored Care Management provides specialized support to current members who have significant mental health needs, severe substance use disorders, or intellectual/developmental disabilities (IDD).

What are the benefits of Tailored Care Management?

Tailored Care Management works to create a more seamless healthcare experience:

  • Your individual Care Manager will create a plan to help coordinate your physical health and pharmacy needs, as well as your behavioral health and/or IDD service needs.
  • Care Managers can help in other areas that may affect your health and wellbeing, such as finding appropriate resources for housing, employment, food insecurity and more.
  • Your Care Manager will provide individualized support and aid caregivers/family members in successful management of your health needs.
  • Your Care Manager will serve as a streamlined contact point for coordinating your individual care.

Why ComServ, Inc. TCM?

You have a choice in your health care and we would be honored to be your care management provider. The vision of ComServ’s Tailored Care Management services is to become a provider of choice for TCM services. Our Care Manager’s listen. They develop a care plan based on the individual’s needs to bring together a support team that care for the individual – Doctors, therapists, educational system supports, community supports and family members to help the individual served thrive.

The Benefits of Working with a ComServ, Inc. Care Manager:

  • Specialized support for people living with intellectual and developmental disabilities.
  • Contact with one Care Manager who will listen to your needs and coordinate care among your team members, including waiver coordination for people on the Innovations Waiver.
  • Support for additional needs such as housing, employment, food insecurity, physical health, finances and safety which may affect overall health and well-being.

ComServ, Inc. TCM Service Locations:

Comserv, Inc. TCM has contracted with Partner’s BHM to provide services in Gaston, Cleveland, Rutherford, Catawba, Lincoln, Iredell, and Burke counties.  We are very excited to offer this new service. Please contact us at one of the following locations:

Our Office Locations:   

TCM – Southern Regional Office:

432 E. Long Ave, Suite 2

Gastonia, NC 28054


 TCM – Central Regional Office

785 US Hwy 70 SW, Suite 200

Hickory, NC 28602


TCM – Northern Regional Office

105 Scroggs Ct

Morganton, NC 28680

  • For more information please call: 704-215-4316  


How do I enroll in Tailored Care Management?

The member choice period to elect a Care Management Agency ended October 14, 2022, and anyone who hadn’t selected a Care Management Agency at that time was automatically assigned to one.

You may have chosen or been auto-assigned to a Tailored Care Management provider already, but you can choose another Tailored Care Management provider if you so desire. Before you choose who will be providing your Tailored Care Management services, please be advised of the following information:

You can choose or change your Tailored Care Management provider. If you want to choose or change your Tailored Care Management provider, you can call the Managed Care Organization overseeing your Medicaid services, Partners Health Management at 833-618-7974 for I/DD and TBI Screening and Referral or 704-842-6311 for MH/SUD Screening and Referral.  You will not be forced to choose a particular provider.

You can also choose not to have a care manager and not receive the Tailored Care Management benefit. In this case your Managed Care Organization will help you coordinate services, but the coordination will be more limited than Tailored Care Management. This will not impact which providers you can see or what services are covered for you through the Managed Care Organization.

Choosing not to participate in Tailored Care Management is your right. If you choose not to participate, your care will not change.

If you are assigned to another Care Management Agency and want to switch to ComServ’s Care Management Agency, contact your Local Management Entity/Managed Care Organization (LME/MCO). Click here to find their contact information.

For more information about North Carolina’s Tailored Care Management initiatives, visit or call 833.870.5500.

With questions about ComServ’s Tailored Care Management program, who should I contact?

Email Kevin F. James our Tailored Care Management Director at or call 704-215-4316 ext. 401

Check out our facebook page here